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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

WiFi Password Decryptor 2.0 Final [Full]

WiFi Password Decryptor 2.0 Final | 3 MB 
WiFi Password Recovery reveals passwords hidden under asterisks Wi-Fi, which are stored in the panel configuration Wireless Manager for Windows . This is useful if you have lost or forgotten the password that prevents you from connecting to the Internet.

Users should not misunderstand the purpose of the tool, since it can not decrypt the passwords on a network wirelessly, as the name might imply.

The method of installation is fast and uncomplicated, and requires no special attention by the user. Once finished, you will be surrounded by a standard framework with design simple, where you can initialize the scanner with a single click.

The results show the name of the Wi -Fi, the type of security and configuration (eg WEP, WPA, WPA2), along with the password key and hexadecimal translation. Apart from these data , the program shows the system operating and the name of the current user.

The list can be exported to file for custody, and WiFi Password Recovery supports TXT formats HTML , XML and. No other notable options available through this application.

We have noticed a minimum CPU and consumption of RAM while running WiFi Password Decryptor, so no system performance load . Perform task analysis faster and delivers keys precise password. No problems have crossed our path along the evaluation, because the utility does not crash or hang. Thanks to its intuitive design and simplistic characteristics, WiFi Password Recovery can be used even by people with little experience in applications software.

Features:Recovers passwords of accounts saved Wi-Fi

Support WEP/WPA/WPA2

intuitive interface

Save passwords to files or text HTML

What's new
Now shows Password password in hexadecimal format in both GUI mode / command line
It also includes couple of bug fixes

WiFi Password Decryptor 2.0 Final | 3 MB


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